Monday, 28 February 2011

Valentinos Finale!

Today is the final day of the Feb daily listing club over on Folksy. I'm doing one of those big finale post I have done a couple of times before. Here's everything listed on the last day of the Valentinos!! Each photo is clickable if you want to find out more.


JAustenJewelleryDesign said...

Wow! What a fantastic Blog! Thank you so much for featuring both my listings for the day so far - the Emerald, Black Onyx and Aventurine Necklace and the pink Ocean Jasper pendant.

I love the opal effect of your earrings, Gem and the hand spun wool by Liz really appeals to me.

Love Jacqueline x

The Little Bead Box said...

Wow, I'm in 3 times. Thanks, Gemma. My fave is the gorgeous owl pendant. I just love the colours that Dottery uses.

Also, thanks, J for being kind to my yarn.


lisamarie (maytreelane) said...

don't they all look fantastic together. If you saw a shop window like that you would probably fall over!
thanks for your hard work gemma
lisamarie x

apryl.brincklow said...

This must have taken hours. Thanks for including my pendant. Hope Feb has been a good month for you.

Grannysmither said...

Wow they all look fantastic together!

Thank you for including my earrings :)


chloedancer99 said...

Aren't we clever? Everything looks so good together - many thanks Gemma for including my picture. I love Liz's purple yarn!

Dawn xx

Shoogly Beads said...

Fabulous stuff. Gorgeous owl pendant and 1 of Lisa's lovely postcards. I only managed to look at the listings a couple of times this month. Have signed up for March!!

NOfkantsCurios said...

Great of you to do such a massive finale feature blog! I adore the effect in your opal like resin earrings, imagine what price they would be if they were really opal! Phew!

Thank you so much too for being a great daily challenger, over a few months too!

Natalie x

Dottie Designs said...

Wow - what a blog!! Very pleased I managed to sneak in at the 11th hour! Thank you :o)

Well done - that must have taken ages!

Dottie x

made with love said...

Aw what a great post. Thank you so much. It must have taken you a long time
Rachael X

lilipopo said...

You must have an awful lot of patience! It looks beautiful, thankyou for including me

Kate x

UniquelyYours said...

Wow, that is stunning. Must have taken you a long time. Thanks for including my ACEO. Linda

Gemma said...

Thanks everyone for you comments!
Does take a while but copy and paste is my friend!! I like to do a big finale post occassionally if I have a quite day as I love seeing everything all together on one page.

moody cow designs said...

wow what an incredible post...well done you!! Just goes to show how diverse and talented the Folksy bunch is!!
Trish x

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